Connect and Sync

Here is what will happen when you try to sync the first time:

  1. Connect to Evernote by allowing Simple‑for‑Ever to access your notes. Simple‑for‑Ever will only create notes in one notebook. It will never touch notes created outside of Simple‑for‑Ever.
  1. Enter your credentials for your Simplenote account. Your notes will be read by Simple‑for‑Ever. By default, no note in Simplenote will be modified. Only if you are a premium user, changes from Evernote will be pushed to Simplenote. In any case, no note will ever be deleted in Simplenote or Evernote.
  1. If you hit the "Sync" button for the first time, an initial sync will be started on one of Simple‑for‑Ever's server. The server will create a new notebook in Evernote called Simple‑for‑Ever, which you can rename later. All your notes in Simplenote will be exported to the new notebook (for 100 notes, this will take less than a minute).
    Attention: Your notes cannot be edited in Evernote, unless you have a Simple‑for‑Ever Premium account and have two-way-sync enabled.
  1. If you hit "Sync" again, only new or updated notes in Simplenote will be created or updated in Evernote. You can start a sync on this website up to 50 times a day.
We're currently testing the new Simplenote API. There might be some hickups and we're closely monitoring all syncing errors. Thank you for your patience.