Hello long-term memory,
meet your little short-term pal!

Evernote is like your perfect long-term memory: remembers everything (text, images, documents, ...) - but can be slow sometimes. Simplenote is like your short-term memory - fast for quick thoughts, but somehow limited (read: "only plain-text").

With Simple‑for‑Ever, you can now use the two leading cloud-based notetaking services at the same time!. Just sign into your accounts and Simple‑for‑Ever will take care of the rest.

Basic Features

Plain text input for Evernote

Write your notes in plain text and they will be available in Evernote as monospaced text. It even works with ASCII-art. Note that your your notes from Simplenote are read-only in Evernote (non-premium version).

Sync tags and dates

All your tags in Simplenote will be automatically mirrored to Evernote. Both creation and modification date of your notes will be the same on both services.

Archive Simplenote

Preserve all your notes in your Simplenote account. Move your short-term memories to your elephant brain and never loose a note again. Note that your your notes from Simplenote are read-only in Evernote (non-premium version).

Search everything in Evernote

Search your notes from Simplenote in Evernote alongside your other notes. Never miss a note because you jotted it down in a different application.

Markdown auto-detection

If your plain text note is in Markdown, Simple‑for‑Ever will detect this and create a nicely formatted rich text note in Evernote.

Premium Features (available soon)

Edit in Simplenote and Evernote

You are in Evernote and want to change a note from Simplenote? Edit your content in your Evernote client and the changes automatically appear in Simplenote, too.

Setup once and forget: Automatic syncing

Setup Simple‑for‑Ever once and forget about it. Your notes and tags will be synced automatically: Your changes will propagate without you having to do anything.

Auto-labelling of Markdown notes

The Simplenote webclient understands Markdown, but you need to tell it to do so by setting a special flag. Simple‑for‑Ever automatically detects Markdown notes and labels it in Simplenote.

Images, media, todos and encrypted text are preserved

If you add images or attachments to a note in Evernote, the information is preserved in the corresponding plain text note in Simplenote. So you can still edit text in Simplenote, although it contains non-text content.